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Our Product

Local Leads 365 is a first-of-its-kind, user-friendly lead database that offers an unrivaled breadth and depth of new property insights, updated within 24 hours of property closing. The four easy steps below outline exactly how our platform works to help you grow your business:

First, take some time to think about where you currently do business and where you want to grow your business. Based on that analysis, visit our Get Started page and choose the towns you are interested in marketing to.
Second, based on the number of towns you choose you will qualify for either the Local, Regional or Regional+ platform tier. From there, you will check out and gain access to the platform, where you will be able to receive data each day with relevant property information for each town you have requested.
Third, now it’s time to take that data and put it into action. Under the “campaigns” section of the platform you can either download the data OR you can create a custom mailer with messaging tailored to the new property owner.
Fourth, put it in the mail and let your quick, targeted marketing do the rest.