Are you asking yourself, why should I care? Or what is the importance of fast and efficient lead generation for my business?

Well we have the answer. The key to converting new movers into customers is to reach them first -- before any of your competitors. Companies looking to reach new homeowners have traditionally relied on static lead lists with limited and outdated information. This leaves your company vulnerable and missing opportunities to grow your business.

Here’s the facts: 72% of New Homeowners spend $10k-$25k within first year of moving AND direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than those who don't get that same piece of direct mail. PLUS roughly 42% of Millennials say they want to buy a home in the next 1-5 years AND 92% of Millennials are influenced to make a purchasing decision as a result of direct mail they received.

ALSO new movers are FIVE times more likely to become long-term customers if you reach them first. So now what? Well, it’s time to work with us. 40% of direct mail marketing success is list quality, 40% is how compelling the offer is, and 20% is the design/layout/messaging of the marketing piece.